• Type
    All Mountain
  • Colour
  • Size
    99, 99, 99, 99, 99, 99, 99
    M003841CI99ER, M003841CI99O6, M003842FI99ER, M003842FI99TV, M003843ER99ER, M003843ER99TV, M003847LR99TL
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Technology Features

MPS EVOLUTION Last year we created the perfect fit. This year we’re going beyond that. MPS EVOLUTION is the new adjustable nose bridge system for the new Kimerik ReLoad SPH. Now you can find the proper vertical as well as horizontal positioning, for utmost comfort.
OUTRIGGER The goggle connecting system is engineered for perfect fi t with or without a helmet so goggles sit comfortably, whatever the shape of your face.
DUAL LAYER FOAM A double layer foam gives a nice feeling while the goggles touch your skin.
ACTIVE VENTILATION Three easy movements open and close 12 air vents allowing variable air intake control.
PASSIVE VENTILATION Draws hot, humid air away from the head and replaces it with fresh air.
POSI TRACK STRAP A silicon insert in the goggles’ band guarantees a perfect positioning in the helmet.
ANTI-SCRATCH & HYDROPHOBIC COATING Special scratch resistance and water/sweat repellent treatments on the lenses guarantee clear vision and easy cleaning.
ANTIFOG TREATMENT Anti-fog treatment on the lenses prevents moisture formation.
POLARIZED LENS Carrera’s polarized lenses increase colour perception and sharpness for improved sporting performance.
PHOTOCROMIC LENS Light conditions change throughout the day so Carrera’s photochromic lenses adjust to guarantee optimum visibility, whatever the weather.
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