• Type
    All Mountain
  • Colores
  • Size
    58–61, 53–57, 53–57
    E004076XA5861, E004077MW5357, E004079DL5357
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Technology Features

PASSIVE VENTILATION Draws hot, humid air away from the head and replaces it with fresh air.
DRY WAVE Drywave is a fabric that allows humidity to migrate towards the outer shell, keeping the user dry and comfortable.
REMOVABLE EAR PADS The ear-pads are removable and washable.
ROTEX A micrometrical fit is essential for helmet comfort and safety. The Rotex fitting system gives perfect tension for best fi t and stability. The system has been developed with a single-handed operation dial located in the padding.
A.B.S. Is high capacity shock absorbing, impact force distributing styrene material recognized for its impact strength and physical properties.
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