Use & care

Use and care for sunglasses and optical

Field of use

Carrera sunglasses and protective filters protect the eyes from the harmful and unpleasant effects of the sun’s rays. All Carrera sunglasses comply with the essential safety requirements contemplated by European Directive 89/686/EEC and subsequent revisions and they comply with EN1836:2005 +A1:2007.


The model identification mark is on the inside of the temple. The last number on the inside of the right temple corresponds to the filter category, as defined by the European standard EN1836, and outlined in the table below. The presence also of an asterisk indicates that the lens does not comply with the USA and Australian driving regulations only. The presence of two numbers close together indicates that the lens is photochromic; these identify the filter category of the lens in its lightest and darkest state.

Limitations of use

It is not advisable to wear sunglasses in traffic, in conditions of poor visibility or at night. Carrera sunglasses shall not be used to look directly at the sun, or as a protection against light coming from artificial sources such as tanning lamps. The sensitivity to light and to glare – especially in particularly bright conditions like on snow, on the beach or on the open sea – varies from one person to another. However, it must be considered that the lightest filters, categories 0 and 1, reduce solar radiation only slightly in the visual field whilst guaranteeing sufficient protection in the UV area. In normal use, sunglasses and protective filters possess sufficient mechanical strength. Still they may not be used as protection against blows or impact, during which the glasses could break, causing injury to the face and eyes.


Carrera sunglasses must be kept in their case at a temperature between -10°C (14°F) and +35°C (95°F). Avoid exposure to the sun in closed environments without air conditioning, for example on the car dashboard, because the temperatures reached in those conditions can damage the functionality of the glasses. If the sun filters become worn (for example, scratched, opaque) it is recommended to replace them with authentic spare parts.


Use lukewarm running water and a regular neutral liquid detergent. Dry the glasses with a soft clean cloth. Avoid the use of solvents, like alcohol and acetone, and aggressive chemical detergents, since these may be detrimental to the functionality of the glasses.
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This informative booklet is drawn up in conformity with Annex II, par. 1.4 of European Directive 89/686/EEC.