Carrera Info

Carrera is one of the 5 important in-house brands of Safilo. Safilo is the second-largest manufacturer of eyewear products worldwide in terms of turnover and the world leader in the premium eyewear segment. Safilo has been making eyewear products for over 75 years, designing manufacturing and distributing high-quality prescription frames, sunglasses and sports eyewear under licensing agreements for leading luxury and premium brands as well as under its own brands. The Group manages a unique portfolio of in-house and licensed brands and Safilo Group's leading house brands are: Safilo, Carrera, Polaroid, Smith Optics, Oxydo.

Safilo is also licensed to produce eyewear for some of the world’s leading fashion brands.

For more information, have a look at the Safilo website.

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Our Journey

Racing is in our DNA. Find out the history of Carrera – a brand that has always believed that there is no reward in life without risk. View Our Journey