Design Principles


All Carrera products are created using four key design principles, drawing inspiration from our heritage of sports and fashion. To this day, every pair of Carrera is carefully designed to fit the needs of people living in the fast lane of life.


Carrera Icons

‘Timeless design pieces that represent authenticity and craftsmanship’
The Carrera Icons are an exclusive range of vintage inspired sunglasses. The models derive straight from Carrera’s archive in Calalzo di Cadore, Italy. Drawing from the archive, two models are hand selected for re-release each year. 

The range consists of bold styles, timeless design pieces that represent authenticity and craftsmanship. The signature characteristics of the models define the determined originality of the Carrera brand, and reflect the individuality of the wearer.
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Carrera - Icons design principles
Carrera - Muses design principles

Carrera Muses

‘Perfect balance between heritage and fashion’
  The Carrera Muses range strikes a perfect balance between heritage and fashion. Every pair is inspired by the bold styles of the Carrera Icons, and is modernized with new designs that not only match the current fashion trends, but also sets them.

The result is classy and fashionable models in innovative materials. This range combines style and comfort to offer cutting edge frames.
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Carrera Craze

‘Seasonal, edgy and bold’
  Carrera Craze is a youthful range consisting of modern designs and strong colors. It is seasonal, edgy, and bold. Made in light materials, the styles are inspired by tomorrow’s culture, and make for the perfect fashion accessory. View all Carrera Craze Discover what inspires Carrera Craze on Pinterest
Carrera - Craze design principles
Carrera - Active design principles

Carrera Active

‘Focused on smart functionality’
  The Carrera Active range is tailored for people who live on the go. The design is focused on smart functionality, drawing from the long history of the brand in racing sports.

Dynamic enabling systems such as the Piston spring hinge, polarized lenses, and an extremely comfortable fit makes these model the ultimate choice for any outdoors activity.
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