• Type
    Foldable Helmet Series
  • Colour
  • Size
    55–58, 55–58, 55–58, 55–58
    E004603BP5558, E004605ID5558, E004607NE5558, E004609YP5558
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Technology Features

PASSIVE VENTILATION Draws hot, humid air away from the head and replaces it with fresh air.
DRY WAVE Drywave is a fabric that allows humidity to migrate towards the outer shell, keeping the user dry and comfortable.
REMOVABLE LINING The inner anti-allergy lining is removable and washable.
REMOVABLE EAR PADS The ear-pads are removable and washable.
FLEXIBLE FRAME The patented flexible frame inside of the helmet is born to improve the level of comfort for the biker. It will quickly adapt to the shape of the head, finding outright the perfect fitting. When folded it will save more than the 20% of the space, to pack it in your bag.
ELASTIC FITTING SYSTEM The elastic fitting system provides an anatomical support for the back of the head, to achieve an exceptional comfort and to improve the stability of the helmet. The adjustable straps on the sides will help you to find the optimal regulation.
FULL SURFACE VENITLATION Thanks to its unique design the foldable helmet by Carrera provides you the best possible ventilation. The front-to-back vents let the air come in easily, avoiding moisture retention and keeping the head dry and fresh.
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