• Type
    All Mountain
  • Colores
  • Size
    54–57|58–62, 54–57|58–62
    E004537405457, E004537405862, E004537425457, E004537425862, E0045392S5457, E0045392S5862, E0045393B5457, E0045393B5862, E0045394P5457, E0045394P5862, E004307DZ5457, E004307DZ5862, E004307FB5457, E004307FB5862, E004309DN5457, E004309DN5862, E004309NT5457, E004309NT5862
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Technology Features

THERMODYNAMIC AIR CHANNELS Specific air channels run through the entire helmet assuring constant air flow.
ROTEX Micrometric size-adjustment consisting of an easy control wheel system.
WASHABLE LINING Anallergic, removable and washable fabric interior.
INSECT NET A built-in net over the front openings stops insects getting in as you speed along.
LIGHT INCLUDED A light with battery is included in the package.
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