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    All Mountain
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    51–55|55–59|59–63, 51–55|55–59|59–63, 51–55|55–59|59–63, 51–55|55–59|59–63
    E0040954W5155, E0040954W5559, E0040954W5963, E004096LO5155, E004096LO5559, E004096LO5963, E004097NI5155, E004097NI5559, E004097NI5963, E004099CA5155, E004099CA5559, E004099CA5963
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Technology Features

CLIMATIC It’s the first transpiration system in a helmet. Every single part has been studied to maximize the humidity extraction.
ACTIVE VENTILATION Three easy movements open and close 12 air vents allowing variable air intake control.
DRY WAVE Drywave is a fabric that allows humidity to migrate towards the outer shell, keeping the user dry and comfortable.
REMOVABLE LINING The inner anti-allergy lining is removable and washable.
REMOVABLE EAR PADS The ear-pads are removable and washable.
ROTEX A micrometrical fit is essential for helmet comfort and safety. The Rotex fitting system gives perfect tension for best fi t and stability. The system has been developed with a single-handed operation dial located in the padding.
IN-MOULDING Simultaneous injection moulding of inner styrene liner and polycarbonate outer shell creates a lightweight, shock absorbing helmet to protect the skier’s head.
VENTRIX Ventrix is born to maximize the transpiration in the Zephyr and Mystic helmets.
TUNE-UP SYSTEM The ear pads have some special holes, to allow you to listen to your favourite music even on the slopes..
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