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    54–57|58–61, 54–57|58–61, 54–57|58–61
    E003695LA5457, E003695LA5861, E003690VQ5457, E003690VQ5861, E003697DE5457, E003697DE5861, E003699QU5457, E003699QU5861
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Technology Features

DEVELOPED IN WIND TUNNEL Designed in the wind tunnel to maximise aerodynamics penetration and reduce neck fatigue.
ALU-TECH FRAME The revolutionary Alu-Tech-Frame (A.T.F) guarantees a reduction in the helmet volume increasing stability and assuring a drift-free ride.
THERMODYNAMIC AIR CHANNELS Specific air channels run through the entire helmet assuring constant air flow.
THERMO COOL This innovative material has been created to optimize the self termic regulation of our body.
FLEX CONTROL SYSTEM Flex Control System is the only system using two separate rotation pivots for both vertical positioning and the fitting system resting angle on the back of the neck. The result is unrivalled positioning, comfort and stability.
EXTRA LIGHT STRAPS Ultra light breathable fabric straps.
WASHABLE LINING Anallergic, removable and washable fabric interior.
EXTRA PAD An additional lining comes included in the box.
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