• Type
    OTG Goggles
  • Couleur
  • Size
    99, 99, 99, 99
    M002747JZ994L, M002747JZ994O, M002749IW994L, M002749IW994O
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Technology Features

S.A.S.(SEAL RING AIR SYSTEM) S.A.S is the most efficient anti-fog system on the market. It’s an airtight system which creates an air chamber between the two lenses, keeping the inner lens dry and isolated from colder external temperatures. This technology maintains a constant distance between the two lenses, preventing optical distortion and ensuring perfect vision.
ANTI-SCRATCH & HYDROPHOBIC COATING Special scratch resistance and water/sweat repellent treatments on the lenses guarantee clear vision and easy cleaning.
ANTIFOG TREATMENT Anti-fog treatment on the lenses prevents moisture formation.
POLARIZED LENS Carrera’s polarized lenses increase colour perception and sharpness for improved sporting performance.
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